RANDOM.ORG's Core API makes true randomness available to your application in a way that is flexible and simple to use

Authentic true random data
  • Originating from RANDOM.ORG's proven true random number generators;
  • Data generated from atmospheric noise, originating from lightning strikes in the planet's atmosphere;
  • Data never padded (e.g., using hashing functions), ensuring maximum entropy and uniformity over time;
  • All data subjected to real-time statistical testing;
  • Independently certified by Gaming Labs International on a regular basis;
  • Operational since 1998 – we're here to stay
Secure HTTP
  • 4096-bit EV-certificate ensures authenticity and privacy of your random data while in transit
Digital signing and sequence numbering
  • Allows strong non-repudiation, suitable for a wide range of applications, ranging from finance, compliance and accounting to games and gambling
Excellent uptime record
  • Suitable for commercial applications and many other purposes
Many data types supported
  • Uniformly distributed integers in configurable ranges, with and without replacement;
  • Uniformly distributed decimal fractions with up to 14 decimal places, with and without replacement;
  • Normally distributed decimal fractions (‘Gaussians’);
  • Alphanumeric strings generated from the characters you chose, with and without replacement;
  • Universally Unique IDentifiers (UUIDs);
  • Binary Large OBjects (BLOBs)
Easy tracking of your application's API usage
  • Through response fields, easily accessible to your client;
  • Through our API dashboard, easily accessible to you
Free client libraries
  • Available under commercial-friendly open source licences
Flexible pricing
  • Free license tiers for development and non-profit applications;
  • Scalable license tiers for commercial and gambling applications