Signature Verification Result

Authenticity Check Succeeded

True random data generated for


Identicon for this API Key


Response serial number: 7,746

Details about the Randomization


Virtual Item Gambling

Random values licensed for virtual item gambling only

2020-05-12 13:08:24Z

What is this page?

This page shows the details of a response from RANDOM.ORG's Signed API. The response was created on and has serial number 7,746, which identifies it uniquely amongst all responses generated with the API key in question.

The signature serves as RANDOM.ORG's guarantee that the randomization was performed with the parameters listed here, and that the result shown was generated using true randomness at the time given by the timestamp.

It is not possible for to have influenced the randomization. For this reason, the response can be considered an authoritative record of the randomization.